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You are a research or quality control laboratory, a community, a public or private research center, a food industry company or other, whatever analyzes you do, you will find your needs in chemicals with us. High purity acids and salts for analysis and general use Technical grade acids, organic solvents and chemicals PA, HPLC and GMS solvents, buffers and reagents Solvents, reagents and standard solutions for spectroscopy Standard solutions and conductivity solution Standard solution and pH buffers Analytical solutions Anhydrous and GC solvents Organic chemicals Chromatography Products, Silica Gel and TLC Plates Industrial chemicals Raw materials for cosmetics

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the LOBACHEMIE company has one goal is to solve the most difficult problems in life sciences by collaborating with the global scientific community - and through this we aim to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere .

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Produits chimiques

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Produits chimiques