EasyPure® RNA Kit

EasyPure® RNA Kit provides a simple and fast column based method to isolate total RNA from animal cells, animal tissues, bacteria and yeast. Cells and tissues are enzymatically lysed. DNA is digested with DNase I. RNA is bound to silica membrane. After washing, high quality RNA is eluted from the column. RNA is free of protein contamination, and is suitable for RT-PCR, qRT-PCR and Northern blot.

Storage DNase I and DNase I Reaction Buffer at -20°C for one year; others at room temperature (15°C-25°C) in a dry place for one year. Shipping DNase I and DNase I Reaction Buffer on dry ice (-70 °C); Others at room temperature.

Categorie: Nucleic Acid Purification kit

Kit de purification des Acides Nucléiques

Sous-catégorie : RNA Purification

RNA Purification
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