Thermal cycler

The thermal cycler (also called thermal cycler PCR machine) is a device that automates the PCR reaction

Kyratec is the supplier of the SuperCycler Trinity: a performance gradient PCR thermal cycler, offering exceptional performance and a flexible and user-friendly interface at a competitive price. Powerful heat engine from the Kyratec Trinity series At the heart of the Trinity series instruments are 3 sets of fully independent peltiers, temperature sensors and control electronics. This powerful and reliable heat engine is capable of delivering ramp rates of over 5 ° C per second with our standard low thermal mass composite alloy block while maintaining long life and low temperature variation. Three Trinity configuration instruments are available. Uniblock - Single temperature zone. Gradient * - Up to 24 degrees of thermal gradient across the width of the block. TripleZone - Three physically independent blocks providing multiple temperature zones with minimal thermal interference between zones in a standard 96-well plate format.

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